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Benefits of becoming an Atelier Insurance PoSP

The biggest advantage of working as a PoSP is that you get a chance to earn money without any investment. And this is one of the best opportunities to become financially independent.

Work without pressure

You will be free to choose your own way of working.

Become your own boss

As a POSP you will get a feeling of ownership while working.

Choose your working hours

There are no restrictions on working hours.

Frequently asked Question

The minimum qualification required to become our PoSP is 10th pass.

You will be given training from our company and then there will be an exam in which It is necessary to achieve passing grades.

To become our PoSP it is mandatory that you should not have any criminal records in the past.

The company will provide you with standard visiting cards and other materials, but you are not allowed to create these materials on your own.

Being a PoSP of the company, you do not have the right to collect the premium amount from customers or give receipt to them.

Any type of violation of IRDAI Guidelines will not be acceptable at all.